The Extremely Far Corners of My Mind

...and other random thoughts

12 October
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Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra, but i usually just go by alex. I love playing piano, i started lessons when i was eight and have been totally in love with it since then.
I also love reading and writing. It's my passion. I love books and the worlds they create. Things can go wrong and not turn out the way you plan, but usually something always turns out good. I also love writing, which kind of goes along with the reading. I've wanted to be a fiction writer since as long as i can remember. There have been a few other ideas over the years, but writing is the only one thats always been there. I love it so much because it lets me escape to the world I've created for myself, and maybe one day for other people. If something in my real world isnt working out, or a book I'm reading isnt ending the way i wished it would, I can just make things exctly the way i want it.
I love singing, and pretty much anything musical. I've been in a couple musicals and I plan to add a few more in the next year. Piano has always been my main musical focus though. I just love is! Sometimes I sing along, but usually I just like to play pieces from the Romantic period, especially Chopin.
As for education and stuff like that, my favorite subject, shockingly, is english. Other than that i like math. All the other subjects are just there because i have to take them.
If you haven't noticed by now, i'm a pretty wordy person, there's no such thing as a short story from me. So i'll cut myself off now so I don't keep talking for two more hours.